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job-doneI’m a retired ASE Master Auto Technician. I currently write a monthly auto repair column for The Family Handyman magazine. Each month, 1.2 million readers get up-to-date auto repair information from my column.

I stay current on the latest auto repair issues. But, since five different auto technicians can give you ten different opinions about any auto repair, consider this entire blog as simply my opinion. Always go with the advice of your trusted auto mechanic.

Here’s one final disclaimer: The tools I show on my site are available at Amazon.com. And yes, I do make a commission on those sales. That’s what pays for this site: I’m not getting rich off the commissions. But you should know that I don’t post crummy tools just to lure you in. Unless noted otherwise, I OWN and USE the tools I post on the site. That means I LIKE them and think you will too. If you have a tool that you think others will like, drop me a note using the CONTACT tab and I’ll add it to the list.


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