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How to deal with AC Compressor Repair

AC Compressor Repair isn’t rocket science. Most DIYers can handle replacing the clutch, coil, bearing, pulley, and even the front seal. You don’t have to discharge the system to replace those parts. But you do need a clutch puller/installation tool and a clutch plate holder. Since you probably don’t know what size puller tool you need, you may be better off buying a complete kit for less than $50.

To remove the clutch, screw in the removal tool and hold the clutch with the holding tool. Then turn the nut on the removal tool. The clutch pulls right out exposing the coil and pulley. Always replace the coil and clutch together. If you want to replace the pulley bearing, you’ll need a pair of snap ring pliers to remove the retaining ring.

Then pull the pulley off the shaft and replace the bearing. At that point you’re staring right at the main seal. If you find a lot of oil around the shaft, you’ve got a leaking main seal.
To replace the seal, first discharge the system. Then buy a new seal and a seal installation tool. The installation tool is a sleeve that fits over the shaft and protect the seal from installation damage. Oil the seal with compressor oil and then slide it into place, making sure you don’t knick the green rubber O ring. There you go, you’ve just rebuilt your A/C compressor.

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