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AC leak detection kit

Find an A/C leak with an AC leak detection kit

If you’ve recharged the A/C in your car and it’s now blowing warm air, you’re probably wondering how to find A/C leak. Pros use two methods: an electronic leak detector and an AC leak detection kit with dye.

To find A/C leak with dye you must inject into the system in one of two ways: when the system is empty, or using an injector tool. The injector tool

AC leak detection kit

The AC leak detection kit contains everything you need to inject dye and find the leak.

AC leak detection kit

screws onto a charging port and forces the dye into the system when it already has a refrigerant charge. After injecting the dye, operate the vehicle for several days to allow the dye to escape near the leak. Then use a black light to spot the glow emitted from the dye.

I’ve used both methods to find A/C leak. An electronic A/C leak detector can be fooled if you’ve used any spray cleaners recently. However, A/C leak detection dyes are pretty foolproof. If your black light spots a leak, it’s not lying.

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