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Best screwdriver set

Best Screwdriver set for gearhead, home handyman, dad

Everybody owns a set of screwdrivers, right? But most of those screwdrivers are worthless when you run into a really tough fastener. That’s when a gearhead or handyman need a pro set of tools. What makes a screwdriver a PRO screwdriver? Bolsters, that’s what. A bolster is a hex shaped extension located on the screwdriver shaft near the handle. To use a bolster, just slip a box end wrench onto the bolster, then push the screwdriver into the stuck fastener. The advantage is that you can push and turn at the same time. Without a bolster, a Philips screwdriver tries to “cam out” the screw head. You simply can’t apply enough pressure while turning. A bolstered screwdriver changes all that. best screwdriver setSo if you’re looking to get a gift for the gearhead or handyman that he probably wouldn’t go out and buy for himself, take a look at these pro sets.

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