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Bleed cooling system

Best way to Bleed air out of my cooling system

Here’s a cool cooling System Filler and Bleeder

Sure you can drain your cooling system by pulling the cooling system bleeder tool, air in cooling system, refill radiatorlower radiator hose. And, you can drain the block by pulling the block plugs. But can you refill it without leaving any air pockets in the system? Nope. That’s where this tool comes in handy.

You’ll need an air compressor. Once the system is empty, insert the vacuum venturi assembly into the radiator or the overflow reservoir. Open the air valve and pull a vacuum on the cooling system. You’ll see the upper and lower hoses collapse from the vacuum. Then, dip the fill tube into a gallon bottle of pre-mixed coolant and open the liquid valve. The vacuum in the system will SUCK the coolant in. Repeat the procedure a few times until it’s full. When you’re done you’ll have completely purged the system of air.


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