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Bleed power steering – Chrysler Vehicles

How to Bleed power steering on Chrysler Vehicles

If you’ve replaced a power steering hose, pump, or rack, you must bleed air out of the system. Here’s how to bleed power steering based on a Chrysler TSB #19-008-05 REV. A with explicit instructions on how to bleed power steering systems on most of its vehicles. The TSB warns that if air is not purged from the system, the power steering pump can be damaged.

Start by filling the reservoir to the proper level. Install the P.S. cap adapter (Miller tool # 9688) onto the pump reservoir. Use a hand vacuum pump and pull a 20-25-inch vacuum on the system. Hold the vacuum for a minimum of 3 minutes. Then recheck fluid level. If the fluid level is now lower, repeat the procedure. Continue to repeat until the fluid level stops falling after vacuum is released. Chrysler also warns NOT TO TURN THE STEERING WHEEL stop to stop is is customarily done in the auto repair industry. Click here for the vacuum tools to use for this procedure.


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