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Brake line bender

Brake line bender

So you’re going to replace your own brake lines? Great. It’s not a hard job but you will need the right tools and fittings. Most DIYers make the mistake of buying a cheap bending tool. They work fine for making large radius bends, but when you get close to the wheel the bends are almost 90 degrees. That’s when you need a pliers style bender like the ones shown here. rusted brake line, replace brake line

Another mistake is to think you can just flare the ends and be on your way. Brake lines are ALWAYS double flared. Do a single flare and it’ll work—for a while. Then one day the flare will crack and you’ll ah, crack up too. Some vehicles require a bubble flare. That requires a special flaring tool as well. Find flaring tools here.


Or, customer order brake lines pre-bent for your vehicle from these online suppliers.




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