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Coolant leak Ford Escape Mercury Mariner

Coolant leak Ford Escape, Mercury Mariner

If you own a 2006 Ford Escape or Mercury Mariner with the 3.0L engine and have a coolant leak, the problem may be a small crack in the coolant reservoir. Ford has discovered a pattern failure in this reservoir bottle and has redesigned it to correct the flaw. The new part is 1L8Z-8A080-BB. To confirm the source of the leak, pressure the cooling system and look for seepage from the bottom of the reservoir bottle at the seam.

You need a professional shop manual to work on a late model vehicle. And you need access to the latest technical service bulletins so you don’t waste time and money replacing parts that may misbehave due to a manufacturer’s software glitch. Forget about those cheap manuals you find at the auto parts store. They will just lead you astray. Here are the two best online shop manuals around.

Eautorepair.net is really Mitchell On Demand with a consumer style interface.

Get a 1-Month subscription (31 Days) for $16.99, 1-Year (Best Value!) for $25.99, or a    4-Year (Best Value!) for $39.99. I like the wiring diagrams in Eautorepair.net better than the hard-to-read factory diagrams on Alldatadiy. However, Eautorepair.net doesn’t show how to remove trim or door panels. Alldata does.

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