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Ford Escape Misfire Codes

Ford Escape Misfire Codes

If you have Ford Escape Misfire Codes read this. At first glance this would appear to be a coil problem—coils are under the most stress under load. P0351 means a misfire on cylinder #1. Power is provided to the coils on the white/violet wire. The PCM provides ground to each coil on a different color wireP0351, P0352, P0354, P0355, P0356, misfire codes, Ford, Escape. Start your diagnostics by checking for 12 volts (key in RUN position, but engine off) on the white/violet wire to the coil shown in the trouble code. If you get 12 volts on that wire, move your digital meter to the ground wire for that coil. You should still see 12 volts because the coil is not grounded. If you don’t see 12 volts, you have a bad coil. If you do see 12 volts, swap the coil with a different cylinder and check for misfire again. If you still see a misfire code for the original cylinder, you most likely have a broken grounding wire near the PCM. Shops have been reporting a broken coil ground wires in the harness to the powertrain control module (PCM) (the computer). Check for voltage on the coil ground wire at the PCM while flexing the wiring harness. The broken wire is usually located within 3” of the PCM. You will have to carefully cut open the harness and find the break. Repair it and insulate it with heat shrinkable tubing.

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