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Get rid of cigarette smoke in car

Get rid of cigarette smoke in car

People always ask me the best way to get rid of cigarette cigar smoke in car. Usually they’ve already tried spraying the interior with an over the counter odor spray. That only works temporarily. Dakota non-smoke is the only product I know of that

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Original Dakota non-smoke

works. But you have to apply it the right way. Don’t think you can just spray the upholstery and the smoke smell will be gone. Here’s how to do it.
Start by spraying the back seats, back carpet, and rear headliner. Hold the can about 12-in. away from the fabric (don’t saturate it) while spraying. Then move to the front seat area. Spray the front headliner, driver’s seat, and driver’s carpet. Then locate the recirculation air return for your vehicle’s heating system. To find it, turn the heater control to re-circulate and move a tissue around under the dash—usually on the passenger side. The return air will pull the tissue towards the return vent. Move the mode dial to dash vents and turn the fan on high speed. Empty about ½-can directly into the return air vent. That’ll kill the smoke that’s inside the HVAC system. After a few minutes, rotate the mode dial to defrost, then heat, all the time adding more non-smoke to the return air duct. Finish the job by spraying the passenger seat, carpet, and headliner with the spray. Then close the doors and windows and let the fan run for about 10 minutes. Turn off the fan and let the car sit with the doors and windows closed for the rest of the day.
The original Dakota non-smoke smells like baby powder. If you don’t like that smell, they also offer a new car smell and an orange citrus. You’ll need two cans for the average vehicle and more if you’re treating a minivan. The company also makes a “bomb” type spray. I haven’t used that product, so follow the directions on the label instead of what I’ve posted here

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