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P0351 – P0362

P0351 – P0362 Ignition Coil A-L Primary , Secondary Circuit Malfunction

If you have a P0351 – P0362 Ignition Coil A-L Primary , Secondary Circuit Malfunction trouble code, read this to understand what it means

Each ignition coil is built with two bobbins of wire. The primary coil has fewer windings than the secondary coil. The primary coil induces an electrical field into the secondary coil. When the primary current is shut off, the electrical field collapses. Because the secondary has so many more windings, it converts the electrical field into very high voltage. That voltage travels down the ignition wire and jumps the spark plug gap, igniting the air fuel mixture. These trouble codes indicate a problem with either the primary or secondary circuits. Coil A is the coil for #1 spark plug.

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You need a professional shop manual to work on a late model vehicle. And you need access to the latest technical service bulletins so you don’t waste time and money replacing parts that may misbehave due to a manufacturer’s software glitch. Forget about those cheap manuals you find at the auto parts store. They will just lead you astray. Here are the two best online shop manuals around.

Eautorepair.net is really Mitchell On Demand with a consumer style interface.
Get a 1-Month subscription (31 Days) for $16.99, 1-Year (Best Value!) for $25.99, or a    4-Year (Best Value!) for $39.99. I like the wiring diagrams in Eautorepair.net better than the hard-to-read factory diagrams on Alldatadiy. However, Eautorepair.net doesn’t show how to remove trim or door panels. Alldata does.

AlldataDIY.com is simply Alldata with a consumer style interface. They have a different pricing model. But a 1-year subscription for $26.95. Add additional vehicles for $16.95 for a year. Or, buy their 5-year subscription for $44.95. Add additional vehicles for $29.95 for five years.

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