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P0443, P1443, P1444, P1445 – Ford

P0443, P1443, P1444, P1445 – Ford

For a P1433 code, check for loose, broken, kinked, or disconnected fuel vapor return hoses. Check the wiring harness issues discussed above.

For a P1444 code, check the purge flow sensor connector. You may find a broken VPWR pin, or it may be damaged. Also check for a possible purge flow sensor harness signal that may be shorted to power ground. Finally, check for damaged wiring as described above.

For a P1445 code, check possible purge flow sensor harness signal or ground wire/pin that may be open or broken. Check for damaged wiring as described above.

The actual TSB shows a re-routing diagram that moves the wiring harness away from the power steering pump assembly. If any of the terminals show the conditions listed above, purchase a Ford service kit #F67Z-14289CA and follow the procedure listed in the instruction sheet to repair the connector.

If you are still getting the codes, conduct all the electrical tests listed in the TSB. (It’s too long and involved to list here). If everything still checks out but you’ve got the same codes, replace the purge flow sensor and solenoid assembly.

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