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P0455 Evaporative Emission Control System Leak Detected (Gross Leak)

If you have a P0455 Evaporative Emission Control System Leak Detected (Gross Leak), first check to make sure the gas cap is installed and torqued properly.

The Evaporative Emissions system has applied a vacuum to the fuel system and detected a major leak. This is usually a sign that you’ve left the gas cap off, or that the gas cap is not sealing properly against the neck of the filler tube.

First, check the gas cap to make sure it’s tight. If it is, remove the cap and check the condition of the “O” ring seal and the neck of the filler tube. If the gas cap “O” ring is worn or damaged, replace it. Some car makers sell the “O” ring, but most make you buy a new gas cap. If you’re close to a dealer, buy it from them rather than a generic one from the parts store. You’ll have better luck over the long haul with an OEM part.

If that doesn’t fix the problem you may have a leak in one of the EVAP hoses. Read this post to understand how the EVAP system works.

For more information on this repair or any others for your vehicle, buy an online subscription to either Alldatadiy.com or eautorepair.net. Click on this link to compare the two services: Compare Alldata and Eautorepair.

You need a professional shop manual to work on a late model vehicle. And you need access to the latest technical service bulletins so you don’t waste time and money replacing parts that may misbehave due to a manufacturer’s software glitch. Forget about those cheap manuals you find at the auto parts store. They will just lead you astray. Here are the two best online shop manuals around.

Eautorepair.net is really Mitchell On Demand with a consumer style interface.
Get a 1-Month subscription (31 Days) for $16.99, 1-Year (Best Value!) for $25.99, or a    4-Year (Best Value!) for $39.99. I like the wiring diagrams in Eautorepair.net better than the hard-to-read factory diagrams on Alldatadiy. However, Eautorepair.net doesn’t show how to remove trim or door panels. Alldata does.

AlldataDIY.com is simply Alldata with a consumer style interface. They have a different pricing model. But a 1-year subscription for $26.95. Add additional vehicles for $16.95 for a year. Or, buy their 5-year subscription for $44.95. Add additional vehicles for $29.95 for five years.

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