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Why is my airbag light on

How to diagnose and fix an Airbag light

Got an Airbag light on? Want to clear the airbag code? I get asked this all the time, “Can’t I just clear the airbag code before I take it in for inspection?” The answer is no. There is no way to clear the code. When you turn the key the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) computer does a check on the airbags. If it finds a problem, it lights the light. The system was designed so NOBODY can clear the code. Get it? The manufacturers set it up this way for liability reasons, yours AND theirs. Once the SRS light turns on, the computer keeps track of how many times you started the car with the light on. So, if you carry a passenger and that passenger gets injured because the airbag didn’t go off, you’re going to get sued for every penny you have. The injured party’s lawyer will have the computer read and they’ll present that evidence at trial that you knowingly transported a passenger with a faulty airbag system. See where this is going? And the car makers get off scot free too because they use the number of starts to proved that it was YOUR fault the airbags didn’t go off. You knew they weren’t working (can’t claim the light didn’t come on because it always comes on when you turn the key) and yet your drove with a disabled safety features. So bottom line, quit whining. Stop asking how you can “trick” the safety inspectors. Stop asking how you can bypass the system. You can’t. Just get it fixed.

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