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Windshield chip repair

Are all windshield chips repairable?

No. Windshield chip repair only works on certain types and sizes. Five types of windshield chips can be repaired using a UV-cure resin that’s injected into the chip. If you get a windshield chip repair done early, you can save the cost of a new windshield. Here are the five types:

Windshield star break

star chip in windshieldShort radial cracks/legs radiating off the impact point








Windshield Bullseye break

bullseye chip in windshieldA dark colored circle right at the impact point







Windshield half-moon break

half moon chip in windshieldLooks like a half-circle has been scooped out of the glass







Windshield combination break

combination chip in windshieldA combination breaks has multiple types of breaks within the impact area






Windshield daisy break

daisy chip in windshieldThis break has a series of small radial breaks







Windshield chip repair maximum size

Most windshield chips up to 1¼-in. diameter can be repaired by a professional glass repair company or with a DIY kit or from a professional glass repair company. Plus, a single line crack up to 6-in. in length can be professionally repaired as long as it’s located in the outer portion of the windshield and not in the driver’s line of sight.

However, some professional glass repair companies can repair longer cracks. Single line cracks on the inside of the windshield or cracks the break into additional cracks can’t be repaired.

Windshield chip location

crack in drivers line of sightWindshield cracks and chips in the “acute area” driver’s line of sight cannot be repaired.






Windshield chip repair should be done as soon as possible

Windshield chips can spread quickly, so it’s critical to get them repaired before they grow beyond the repairable stage. Plus, every state has different regulations regarding driving with a cracked or chipped windshield.

Can you do a windshield chip repair yourself or use a professional glass repair company?

Glass repair companies use professional grade equipment to repair cracks and chips, so you’ll usually get a much better repair and one that’s less noticeable. Professional windshield chip repair usually costs less than $100 and can be done on location as long as outside temperatures are above 50°. At colder temperatures, you’ll have to bring your vehicle to a glass repair shop so it can be performed in warmer conditions.

However, if you can’t justify the cost of a professional windshield chip repair, then you can try a DIY windshield chip repair kit as long as the chip meets the criteria listed above.

Purchase a windshield chip repair kit from any auto parts store. I’ll use the permatex windshield repair kitPermatex Windshield (arund $13) chip repair kit as an example here. Other companies make DIY windshield repair kits, but most of those aren’t readily available at auto parts stores. Here’s the procedure.

Step 1: Clean the windshield chip with the supplied push pin to clean windshield chip with a push pinremove glass particles. This ensure a good bond and reduces the possibility of trapped air bubbles.

Step 2: Clean the outside and inside of the windshield chip with the alcohol wipe

Step 3: Remove the adhesive liner and center the adhesive apply adhesive disc to windshield chipdisc over the windshield chip and press it onto the outside of the windshield. Press firmly to remove any air bubbles between the adhesive and glass.



Step 4: Remove the adhesive liner to expose the outer portion of the apply pedestal to windshieldadhesive pad and press the pedestal mount onto the pad. Press firmly to remove air bubbles between the pad and pedestal.

Step 5:Fill the pedestal with resin

Step 6: Attach syringe and pull the plunger to the top location and lock in place. This procedure pulls a vacuum on pull syringe plunger the damaged are to remove air bubbles. Leave the plunger in the full up position for at least 10-mins.






Step 7: Remove the syringe to allow air into the pedestal. Then reconnect pressurize windshield chip repairthe syringe to the pedestal and push the plunger to the second marked position. This pressurizes the resin, forcing it into all the radial cracks and divots in the glass. Leave the syringe in the pressurized position for at least 20-mins.

Step 8: Remove the pedestal and adhesive pad and remove excess resin with the single edge razor blade.

Step 9: Apply a drop of resin directly onto the windshield chip repair area apply yellow curing strip on windshield chip repairand cover with the yellow curing strip. Squeegee out any air bubbles.





Step 10: Expose the windshield chip repair to direct sunlight for 15-mins. or up to 1-hour on cloudy days.

Remove the yellow curing strip and cut the excess resin from the repaired area.

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