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0W-16 Motor Oil

0W-16 Motor Oil — What is it?

0W-16 has been in use in Japan for years

Almost two decades, in fact. Japanese carmakers switched to this oil to increase engine efficiency and reduce engine warmup time. OEMs 0W-16 motor oil have been working on this new oil and newer engine designs for years. In fact, Honda and Toyota prepared for GF-6B oils many years ago.

When 0W16 oil is spec’d, it must say that meets API SN Resource Conserving standards

API SN PLUS Resource Conserving

ILSAC and API are working on a new spec for 0W-16

ILSAC is currently working on engine test sequences to certify 0W-16 oil ad GF-6B. Unlike the majority of previous oil specifications, GF-6B is NOT BACKWARD compatible! GF-6B engine oil should only be used when recommended by the OEM.

GF-6A lubricants, on the other hand, are backward compatible. So it can be used in vehicles that specify GF-1 through GF-5 in the same viscosity.

Can you use 0W-20 in vehicles that spec 0W-16?

Yes, but only in a pinch. Long term use of 0W-20 in an engine designed for 0W-16 is NOT recommended. You must switch back to 0W-16 on all future oil changes

0W8 is another planned viscosity that will be in the GF-6B category

Can you use 0W-16 in an older engine?

NO! 0W-16 oil is designed specifically for engines with a variable-displacement oil pump. A variable displacement oil pump can deliver the correct volume and pressure using lighter-weight oils and create less drag on the engine.

These newer pumps are far more sophisticated and are often electronically controlled. In addition to the oil pump issue, switching to 0W-16 can also negatively effect variable valve timing actuators since they pulse oil based on an expected viscosity. Change viscosity and you can cause sluggish performance of the actuators that can cause codes and driveability problems.

Does 0W-16 cause more wear?

Absolutely not if it’s used in the engine designed for it. When used in the correct engine with a variable displacement oil pumps these new oils not only increase MPG, but provide better wear protection than a heavier weight oil.

How much gas does 0W-16 motor oil save?

It’s only 4 viscosity point, but it improves fuel mileage by 2%.

What next in new motor oils?


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