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1996 Honda Civic Fuse Layout

1996 Honda Civic Fuse Layout

1996 Honda Civic Fuse Layout for under dash fuse box

civic under dash fuse box layout
1 Not used
2 Not used
3 10A Rear wiper/washer, Security system (option) (Vehicles pre-wired for accessory security system)
4 10A Right headlight, DRL control unit (Canada)
5 10A Left headlight, DRL control unit (Canada)
6 Security system (option)
7 20A Left rear window motor
8 20A Right rear window motor
9 Not used
10 20A Front passenger’s window motor
11 20A Driver’s window motor
12 7.5A Turn signals/hazards warning lights
13 15A FUEL PUMP (SRS UNIT) PGM-Fl main relay, SRS unit
14 7.5A Stereo radio tuner (’96-’98 USA: LX, EX, and HX), Cruise control main switch, Keyless door lock control unit (’99-’00 models with keyless entry)
15 7.5A ALTERNATOR SP SENSOR ELD unit, Gauge assembly, TCM (‘96298 CVT), PGM-FI
16 7.5A RR DEF RELAY Rear window defogger (’96-98 models), ABS control unit, Power mirror switch (’99-’00 models except GX)
17 7.5A HEATER A/C RELAY Power mirrors (96-’98 models and all GX models), Air delivery. Blower controls, A/C compressor controls, Fans
18 7.5A (RUNNING LIGHT RELAY) DRL control unit (Canada)
19 7.5A BACK-UP LIGHTS Back-up lights
20 7.5 (RUNNING LIGHT) DRL control unit (Canada)
21 10A Right headlight
22 10A Left headlight
23 10A SRS unit
24 7.5A Power window relay, moonroof
25 7.5A Integrated control unit, interlock system, gauges
26 20A Front wiper/washer
27 10A CIGARETTE Lighter, Accessory power socket
28 10/15 RADIO CLOCK Stereo radio tuner (’96-’98 models), Audio unit (’99-’00 model)
29 Not Used
30 7.5A INSTRUMENT LIGHTS Dash & console lights
31 7.5A STARTER SIGNAL PGM-FI main relay, PCM/ECM, Integrated control unit
32 7.5A LICENSE LIGHTS TAIL LIGHTS, Parking lights. License plate lights, Tail lights
33 7.5A (INTERLOCK UNIT) Interlock system

1996 Honda Civic Fuse Layout for under hood fuse box

honda civic under hood fuse layout
41 80A BATTERY Power distribution
42 40A Ignition switch
43 7.5 INTERIOR LIGHT, DLC, Ceiling light, Trunk light
44 15A/20A GX PGM-Fl main relay, Fuel injection relay (GX)
45 Not used
46 40A Power window relay
47 7.5A BACK UP Stereo radio tuner (’96-’98 models), Audio unit (’99-’00 models), Heater control panel, PCM/ECM, TCM (’96-’98 CVT)
49 — Not used
50 30A REAR DEFROSTER, Rear window defogger relay
51 20A DOOR LOCK UNIT, Power door lock control unit (all except ’99-’00 models with keyless), Keyless door lock control unit (’99-’00 models with keyless), Moonroof
52 15A HORN, STOP LT, Horn relay, Brake switch
53 H10A Hazard warning switch
54 40A Security system (option)
55 40A Blower motor relay
56 20A (CONDENSER FAN) Condenser fan relay, A/C compressor clutch relay
57 20A COOLING FAN Radiator fan relay

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