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2013 Ford Taurus Fuse Diagram

2013 Ford Taurus Fuse Diagram

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Ford Taurus Fuse Diagram or Battery Junction Box and Smart Junction Box

This 2013 Ford Taurus Fuse Diagram post shows two fuse boxes; the Battery Junction Box/Power Distribution Box located under the hood and the Body Control Module

2013 Ford Taurus Fuse Diagram for Battery Junction Box

2013 For Taurus Fuse Diagram BJB.pdf

F1 50 Police rear power point
F2 50 Police rear power point
F3 – Not used
F4 30 Windshield wiper motor, Wiper relay
F5 50 Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) module
F6 40 Police B+
F7 30 Not used
F8 20 Roof opening panel module
F9 20 Power Point Console, Rear
F16 40 Police B+
F17 – Not used
F18 40 Blower motor
F19 30 Starter motor
F20 20 Power point, instrument panel (police), Power point, console front
F21 20 Rear heated seat module
F22 – Not used
F23 30 Driver Seat Module (DSM), Seat control switch, driver side front
F24 40 Police run/start relay
F26 40 Rear window defrost relay
F27 20 Power point 1, Instrument panel (police), Cigar lighter front (police)
F28 30 Dual Climate Controlled Seat Module (DCSM)
F29 40 Engine cooling fan relay #1
F30 40 Engine cooling fan relay #2
F31 25 Engine cooling fan motors and relays
F39 – Not used
F40 30 Left front smart window motor (without Police)
40 Police B+ (Police)
F41 30 Left rear smart window motor
F42 30 Seat control switch, passenger
F43 20 Anti-lock Brake system (ABS) module
F45 5 Rain Sensor Module
F50 15 Exterior rearview mirrors, Rear window defrost grid
F56 20 Not used
F57 20 HID headlamp, left
F58 10 Generator
F59 10 Brake Pedal Position (BPP) switch
F60 10 Not used
F61 – Not used
F62 10 A/C clutch relay
F63 15 Not used
F64 15 Not used
F65 30 Fuel pump relay, Powertrain Control Module (PCM), Fuel pump control module, Fuel Injectors
F67 20 Mass Air Flow/Intake Air Temperature (MAF/IAT), Variable Camshaft Timing (VCT) 11, 12, 22, EVAP canister vent solenoid (GTDI), EVAP canister purge valve, Heated Oxygen Sensors (HO2S) 12 and 22, Universal Heated Oxygen Sensors 11 and 21
F68 20 Coil On Plugs (COPs), Ignition transformer Capacitor
F69 20 Powertrain Control Module (PCM)
F70 15 A/C clutch relay, All Wheel Drive (AWD) module, grille shutter actuator, Turbocharger (TC) Wastegate Regulator Valve Solenoid, Turbocharger Bypass (TCBY) Valve, Externally Controlled Variable Displacement Compressor (EVDC)
F73 20 Police run/start relay
F74 20 Police run/start relay
F78 20 HID headlamps, right
F79 5 Cruise-Control Module (C-CM)
F80 25 Left and right tray lamp relays, Deckild flashing LED relay, Rear flasher control relay
F81 20 Police spot lamps
F82 – Not used
F83 – Not used
F84 – Not used
F85 – Not used
F86 7.5 Evap Canister Vent Control Solenoid – (TIVCT), PCM power relay Powertrain Control Module (PCM)
F87 5 Run/start relay
F89 5 Power Steering Control Module, (PSCM) blower motor relay
F90 10 Powertrain Control Module (PCM)
F91 10 Cruise-Control Module (C-CM)
F92 10 Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) module
F93 5 Rear window defrost relay, Police trunk release relay, heated blacklight/mirror relay, Run/start relay
F94 30 Body Control Module (BCM)
F95 -20 Police start

2013 Ford Taurus Fuse Diagram for Body Control Module

2013 Ford Taurus Fuse Diagram

F1 30 Power window motor, driver side front
F2 15 Seat control switch, drive side front
F3 30 Power window motor, passenger side front
F4 10 Glove box lamp, Battery saver relay, Luggage compartment lamp, Vanity mirror lamps,
Lumbar control modules, Interior/map lamps assembly
F5 20 Police feed, Audio Digital Signal Processing (DSP) module
F6 5 Not used
F7 7.5 Driver Seat Module (DSM) – with memory Keypad switch assembly Driver Door Module (DDM)
F8 10 Not used
F9 10 Accessory Protocol Interface Module (APIM), Front Controls Interface Module (FCIM), Tire Pressure Monitor (TPM) module
F10 10 Run/Acc Feeds,
F11 10 Remote Function Actuator (RFA) module Head Up Display (HUD) module
F12 15 Puddle lamps, Exterior rearview mirrors Interior lighting, Backlighting LED
F13 15 Right front turn lamps Right rear lamp assembly – (police) right rear stop/turn lamp, Right headlamp assembly
F14 15 Left front turn lamps- Left rear lamp assembly – (police) Left rear stop/turn lamp, Left headlamp assembly
F15 15 High mounted stoplamps, Stoplamp relay, Auto dimming Interior mirror unit Rear lamp assemblies High mounted stoplamp capacitor, Sunshade module, Reversing lamps
F16 10 Right headlamp – beam
F18 10 Brake shift Interlock (police) Powertrain Control Module (PCM), Passive anti-theft transceiver – w/o IA, Keyless switch assembly – w/o IA, Start/Stop switch – with IA Floor shifter
F19 20 Police Option
F20 20 Door latches, Remote Function Actuator (RFA) module
F21 10 Not used
F22 20 Horn, Horn relay
F23 15 Steering Column Control Module (SCCM), Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC)
F24 15 Data Link Connector (DLC), Steering Column Control Module (SCCM)
F25 15 Lift glass release
F26 5 Start/stop switch – with IA, Ignition switch – without IA
F27 20 Remote Function Actuator (RFA) module
F28 15 Not used
F29 20 Audio Control Module (ACM), Global Positioning System Module (GPSM)
F30 15 Left and right headlamp assemblies Left and right front auxiliary park lamps
F31 5 Brake Pedal Position (BPP) switch, Remote Function Autuator (RFA) module, Powertrain Control Module (PCM),
F32 15 Door lock switches, Power window motors, Master window adjust switch, Sunshade module
F33 10 Not used
F34 10 Heated seat module rear, Side obstacle detection control modules Parking Aid Module (PAM), Video camera Auto dimming interior mirror
F35 5 Head Up Display (HUD) module – with adaptive cruise control In-Vehicle Temperature/Humidity Sensor, Low gear selector switch (police)
F36 10 Heated Steering Wheel Module (HSWM)
F37 10 Not used
F38 10 Auto-dimming interior mirror Roof opening panel module, Roof opening panel control switch
F39 15 Headlamps – high beam
F40 10 Rear Lamp assemblies License plate lamps, Reversing lamps
F41 7.5 Restraints Control Module (RCM),
F42 5 Police 4 function control
F43 10 Not used
F44 10 Not used
F45 5 Start Bus
F46 10 HVAC module
F47 15 Fog lamp relay
F48 30 Window adjust switches

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