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2022 Gift ideas for guys

2022 Gift ideas for guys

It’s that time of year and you’re looking for cool Christmas gift ideas or Father’s Day gift ideas for dad.  Here’s my 2022 list of the coolest tools he’d like to have in his toolbox.

Scan tools to diagnose engine problems

Innova 5310 and REPAIRSOLUTIONS2 ($139.99)

The Innova 5310 is a mid-range OBD2 scan tool packed with

Innova 5310

Innova 5310

high-end features at an affordable price point. It reads generic OBD2 codes along with ABS & SRS codes and live data with graphic. Pair instantly with RepairSolutions2 via a Bluetooth connection, and you get access to a comprehensive database on the most likely fixes based on the trouble codes.


LAUNCH CRP 129P Scan Tool ($199.00)

Launch CRP129 – Code Reader Professional Premium Edition reads Engine, Transmission, ABS and Airbag (SRS) systems plus additional features like:  reset capabilities for Steering Angle Reset, Oil Maintenance Reset and Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) and a Battery Reset.





Best ratchet for dad

Dad may have a socket set, but it’s the ratchet that does the work. A better ratchet can make the difference between getting into tight spaces and actually removing the nut or bolt versus ending up totally frustrated.

Flex-head ratchets are key to getting into those tight spaces. The cushioned grip is easier on his hands, and the 90-tooth ratchet requires less space to ratchet back to get a second bite on the fastener.

GEARWRENCH 2 Pc 1/4″, 3/8″ Drive Cushion Grip Flex Head Ratchet Set, 90 Tooth – 81204T  ($97.50)

GEARWRENCH 2 Pc. 1/4" & 3/8" Drive 90 Tooth Dual Material Locking Flex Head Teardrop Ratchet Set - 81275T

• 90 Tooth gear delivers a 4° swing arc to turn a fastener in tight confines
• Precision engineered high strength pawl for increased durability
• Locking flex-head with 9 locked positions and unlocked option for adjustable access angle
• Highly visible on/off markings on the head
• Teardrop low profile head and flush mounted on/off switch allow better access in tight spaces
• Enclosed head design for extreme resistance to dirt infiltration
• Dual material comfort grip handle
• Solvent resistant handle grip for durability
• Exceeds ASME torque performance requirements



GearWrench 81230P 120XP Full Polish Flex Teardrop Ratchet Set, 4-Piece ($158.90)

This 4-piece ratchet set with flex-head design sets him up fully for success. The longer ratchet gives more leverage and the stubby ratchet lets him get into really tight spaces.

The 120-tooth design allows for a smaller arc so he can get a better second bite in tight spots.

GearWrench 81230P 120XP

• 120XP ratchets have two double stacked 60-tooth pawls (120 positions) providing a 3° swing arc so you can turn fasteners in tighter confines
• Double-stacked pawls alternately engage the 60 tooth gear, providing exceptional strength
• Flexible head provides access for hard to reach fasteners
• Teardrop, low-profile head and flush-mounted on/off switch allow better access in tight spaces
• Enclosed head design for extreme resistance to dirt infiltration
• Highly visible markings on the head
• Longer reach handle to access hard-to-reach fasteners



Best scraper for gaskets or household use

Whether dad is working on his car or removing paint from a window, these Titan scrapers are the best I’ve ever seen. Use with regular single edge razor blades or Titan’s plastic scraper blades for areas you don’t want gouged.

Titan Multipurpose Razor Scrapers – 2-Pc. Set, Model 17002 ($15.65)

This is technically a razor scraper set, but if you escraper set to remove gaskets, caulk, paintquip it with the non-marring plastic blades, you can use it on aluminum engine parts without damaging the delicate aluminum surfaces.


plastic scraper blade

non-marring plastic scraper blade

Best locking extension bars

GEARWRENCH 3 Pc. 3/8″ Drive Locking Extension Set Includes 3″, 6″ & 10″ – 81202  ($28.47)

GEARWRENCH 3 Pc. 3/8" Drive Locking Extension Set Includes 3", 6" & 10" - 81202 For 3/8″ drive tools
For increased reach and access
Plated with fully polished nickel chrome
3-inch, 6-inch, and 10-inch 3/8-inch drive locking extensions with storage tray


SAE and Metric O-ring assortment ($22.98)

If your guy works on cars he’s going to run into a spot where he needs a replacement O-ring. That’ll mean a trip to the store and a lot of cuss words. O-ring assortments are cheap, so buy him both sets SAE and metric and keep him on task.

The O-rings can also be used to fix small engines and garden equipment.

  • Nitrile rubber
  • Resists oils, hydraulic fluid and water
  • Includes storage case with o-ring gauge
  • Metric sizes from 3 mm I.D. to 50 mm I.D.
  • SAE sizes from 1/8” I.D. x 1/4” O.D. to 2” I.D. x 2-1/4” O.D.

SAE Metric Rubber O-Ring Washer Assortment Kit Automotive Storage Case ORing Set

Nut and bolt assortment

Jackson Palmer 2,050 Piece Hardware Assortment Kit with Screws, Nuts, Bolts & Washers (3 Trays) ($41.99)

with Screws, Nuts, Bolts & Washers (3 Trays)

• 2,050 pieces and 60 different hardware sizes.
• SCREWS: 19 sizes and 515 pieces of Wood and Sheet Metal Screws.
• SAE: 21 sizes and 670 pieces of Bolts (Phillips Head), Hex Nuts, and Washers.
• METRIC: 20 sizes and 865 pieces of Bolts (Phillips Head), Hex Nuts, and Washers.

Best wrenches

GEARWRENCH 20 Piece SAE/Metric Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set – 35720A-02 ($69.19)

• The Gearwrench 72 tooth ratcheting box end needs a minimal 5° to move fasteners vs. 30° for standard wrenches.
• Off-corner loading design on box end provides better grip and reduces fastener rounding
• Pass-thru technology works down any length of threaded rod and long bolts
• Thin head and beam provide greater access in confined work areas
• Size conveniently stamped on both ends of the beam for quick identification
• Manufactured from alloy steel for better strength and longer tool life
Bright, full polish chrome finish wipes easily clean to resist rust and corrosion
• Includes SAE sizes: 1/4, 5/16, 11/32, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, 9/16, 5/8, 11/16 and 3/4 in, Includes metric sizes: 6, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 millimeter

GEARWRENCH 20 Piece SAE/Metric Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set - 35720A-02

GEARWRENCH 20 Piece SAE/Metric Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set – 35720A-02

Best headlamp

COAST® HL8R 800 Lumen Rechargeable PURE BEAM® Focusing LED Headlamp, Black($98.81)

• RECHARGEABLE: Pair with the included Lithium-Ion battery or swap in 4 x AA alkaline batteries
• BRIGHTEST: 800 lumens at 214m make this our brightest headlamp
• LONG-LASTING: 4 hour 15 minute run time on high
• PURE BEAM focusing Optic: Shift between a super wide flood beam or spot mode with transition halo at varying distances and brightness.
• TWIST FOCUS system: Twist the head of the light to move between a flood and a spot beam.


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