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ABS Light on GM vehicle

ABS Light on

Regal, Century, Impala, Monte Carlo, Intrigue, Grand Prix

GM really did it this time. Now their cars have a solid or intermittent ABS light on. ABS light, ABS trouble codeThey routed the ABS sensor wiring harness so that it may contact the tie rod end you wind up with the ABS light on. The touching wears away the insulation and causes an intermittent or constant ABS light on. Testing is difficult because the fault may not show unless the suspension is moved up or down. Before you or your mechanic jump to replace the sensor, try splicing in one of the new revised wiring harnesses from your dealer. Affected vehicles: 2001-03 Buick Regal, Century, Chevy Impala, and Monte Carlo, and 2001-02 Olds Intrigue and 2001-04 Pontiac Grand Prix.


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