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Abs light on, traction control light on, Impala

Diagnose ABS light on, traction control light on, Impala

ABS light on, traction control light on, Service Stability System Message

Shops are reporting problems with the abs light on, traction control light on with Impala vehicles. The problem affects 2012 and 2013 vehicles and may also present as a message on the driver information center with a “Service Stability System” message. In addition, various trouble codes may be stored in the PCM. Plus, the instrument cluster may not work. You may also find the body control module (BCM) fuse blown as well as the IGN 1 fuse. It all adds up to a real mess.

ABS light on, traction control light on Service stability message caused by chaffed wiring harness

The most likely cause is a chaffed wiring harness. Shops report that the wiring harness my rub against the transmission or engine and rub through to short out wires. abs light on, traction control light on, service traction controlOn vehicles with a state-specific emissions system (California, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington), the harness at the left rear side of the front cylinder head is not secured by a tie-strap, which may allow the harness to rub on the engine cylinder head.

A rub through may affect the following circuits and sensors

AC pressure
SAI pump/Control/VLV relays
Fuel line pressure sensor
VAC/BAR sensor
Pump ASM, brake vac assist
Injectors odd
Injectors even
B1 knock sensor
Crankshaft position sensor
B1S1 O2 sensor
MAP sensor

Fix chaffed wiring harness to correct the problem

Then clear the trouble codes

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