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ABS TCS lights on C1223, C1225

C1223, C1225 ABS TCS lights on GM vehicle

GM did it again. If you have a C1223, C1225 ABS TCS lights on condition, a wire harness problem might be the cause of an ABS/Traction control light on in 2003-04 Chevy Cavalier and Pontiac Sunfires. The traction control gets its information from the ABS system, so a faulty sensor reading will automatically shut down the traction control system. The problem is usually on the left side and is caused by the wires separating from the connector. So a meter reading will lead you to believe that the sensor is really bad when it’s actually the harness. If you get a diagnostic code C1223 or C1225, don’t automatically assume the ABS sensor is bad. GM has come out with a replacement sensor harness (#12187091) to splice in place of the old one. Seems the old harness rubbed against the suspension causing the computer to see a “bad” sensor reading



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