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ABS warning light Avenger, Caliber, Sebring, Viper, 200

Reset ABS warning light reset for Avenger, Caliber, Sebring, Viper, 200

Check ABS warning light

When you start the vehicle, the ABS warning light will come ABS warning lighton and the system will complete a diagnostic test. The ABS warning light may stay on for as long as 30 seconds. This NORMAL. If the light stays on after 30 seconds, turn the engine OFF and restart. If the light still stays on, an ABS trouble code is stored in the computer.

What does an ABS warning light mean? See this post for more information.

Can you still drive with the ABS light on?

Yes, you can drive the car and the brakes will operate, but you will not have the anti-lock function until you fix the problem and clear the code.

How to clear the ABS code

Fix the fault that set the code. Clear the code with a scan tool or by disconnecting the battery cables and touching them together for one minute. That drains the ECM capacitors. However, it also drains the adaptive memory so you’ll have to complete about 10 drive cycles from a cold start to allow the computer to relearn its adaptive memory. During that time, the engine may run rough or at high idle. Don’t worry, it will relearn.

Perform a drive cycle

If the ABS light is still on after clearing the code, you may have to perform a short drive cycle:

Drive the vehicle at 18-MPH or more and make several hard stops from 40-MPH. That will complete the air bag readiness test.

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