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ABS Wheel Sensor – Pacifica

ABS Wheel Sensor – Pacifica

If you have to replace an ABS Wheel Sensor – Pacifica, read this TSB from  Chrysler. TSB # 05-003-07 covering 2006-07 CS Pacifica vehicles covers the failure of a wheel speed sensor. In an act of sheer brilliance (or stupidity, depending on your perspective), Chrysler now requires you to replace ALL FOUR speed sensors even if you only have a problem with a single sensor. The sensors come in two kits, one for the front wheels ABS sensor, wheel speed sensor, ABS light on(2 05166544AC Sensor, Anti-Lock Brake Kit, (Front), and one for the rear wheels (2 05166545AB Sensor, Anti-Lock Brake Kit, (Rear). The kit contains a packet of grease to lubricate the “O” ring. The TSB warns you NOT TO USE ANY OTHER GREASE on these “O” rings. Install the new sensors, clear any ABS codes, and test drive the vehicle.


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