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AC blows warm Toyota Sequoia

AC blows warm Toyota Sequoia

If you own a 2001-04 Toyota Sequoia or 2000-’04 Tundra and find that your AC blows warm, your problem may be a mis-adjusted water control valve cable that’s allowing hot water into the heater core. The poor cooling happens most often when the outside air temperatures exceed 80°F.

Start your diagnosis by checking the adjustment of the water control valve cable located under the hood (follow the heater hoses to find the valve).
Start by turning the temperature control knob to the full cold position. Note the spacing between the control valve lever and the lever stop. If should be right at the stop. If it is not, you will have to adjust it. Disconnect the cable retaining clip and pull on the cable sheathing until the lever butts up against the stop. Reconnect the retaining clip.

Turn the temperature dial back and forth several times and reconfirm that the lever is in the proper position.


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