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Acura engine knock

Fix Acura Engine Knock Noise

Acura has issued a technical service bulletin #19-012 to address an Acura Engine Knock Noise on the vehicles listed below. The noise appears most often on a cold start and sounds like a knocking or clicking sound.

Vehicles affected by Acura  technical service bulletin #19-012

2016-18 Acura ILX All engines
2015-18 Acura TLX 4-cylinder engines.

Cause of Acura Engine Knock Noise

Acura has identified a worn check valve in the timing


14510-5A2-A02 Tensioner

chain tensioner as the cause of the knocking noise. The fix involves replacing the timing chain tensioner with an updated part. Purchase the new tensioner part #14510-5A2-A02 from an Acura dealer. Also, purchase one tube of HondaBond 4 #08717-1194

Replace Acura timing chain tensioner

1) Raise vehicle and support on jack stands
2) Remove the right front wheel. Then remove the splash cover to access the front of the engine.
3) Remove the timing chain case access cover

Acura timing chain tensioner

Timing chain case cover

4) Remove the timing chain case cover gasket material and any gasket material on the mating surface of the timing chain case and bolt holes. Check for gasket material behind the harmonic balancer.

4) Rotate the crankshaft counterclockwise until the timing chain tensioner is compressed and the locking holes are lined up in the tensioner. Then insert a 1.2mm pin into the lock

acura engine knocking noise

Lock old tensioner with pin

5) Remove the worn tensioner by removing the two retaining bolts. Inspect the oil filter behind the tensioner, checking for damage. Clean with spray brake cleaner. If the filter is damaged, replace it with a new filter.

6) Place the filter against the engine and install the new tensioner. Torque the retaining bolts to 9-ft/lbs. Then remove the locking pin

7) Apply a bead of HondBond r to the chain case access cover and to the inside edge of the threaded bolt holes. Place the cover in place within 5-minutes of application. Install the cover retaining bolts and torque to 9-ft/lbs.

8) Reinstall the splash shield and wheel.

9) Top off the oil level. Start the engine and check for leaks.

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