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Acura engine knocking noise

Acura engine knocking noise

If you encounter an acura engine knocking noise, this may be your fix. Acura has issued a service bulletin to address acura engine knocking noise on all 2009 TSX vehicles, as well as 2010 models built from VIN JH4CU2…AC000001 through JH4CU2…AC009053. These vehicles may develop an engine knocking noise under moderate-to-heavy acceleration. The noise is acutally ping. It’s caused by a faulty knock sensor and software incompatibility issues in the PCM.

Replacing the knock sensor with an improved design

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Acura knock sensor

(Part No. 30530-RL5-A01) and reprogram the PCM with updated software. If the vehicle has an automatic transmission, that too will have to be reprogrammed with updated software.

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