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Acura MDX Tail light recall

Acura MDX recall to fix faulty tail lights

On April 8, 2918 Acura announced the recall of acura mdx recall323,000 2014-2019 Acura MDX vehicles to repair or replace the seals in the tail lights. Engineering has discovered that the seals may deform and allow water to enter the tailgate light assemblies. The water can cause and open or short that can blow the fuse to the tail lights. When that happens, the vehicle may not be visible to other traffic.

The Acura tail light fix

Acura technicians will remove the tailgate light assemblies and replace the gasket seals with updated parts. The will then test the tail light assembly to ensure it’s working properly. If the light is found to be inoperable, they will replace it with a new unit. The recall is free.

Acura owners can check on the status of the recall at www.recalls.acura.com or by calling 888-234-2138

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