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Add Cabin Air Filter to GM Trucks

AirSept makes retrofit cabin air filter for GM Trucks

If you own a full-size 2007-14 GM truck or SUV, you’ll find a cavity for a cabin air filter but no filter installed. That’s because the GM design required a bendable cabin air filter that nobody actually made; until now. AirSept recently introduced a bendable cabin air filter that’s a direct fit for the air filter cavity already built into your GM vehicle.

AirSept cabin air filter has bendable segments

To install the AirSept cabin air filter simply remove

airsept cabin air filter

AirSept’s bendable cabin air filter fits perfectly

the cover from the GM cabin filter cavity. Then insert the AirSept filter. Finally, screw on the included cabin air filter cover plate and you can enjoy cleaner cabin air. The entire process takes less than 15-minutes. In addition to the standard air filter, AirSept also offers a carbon version that adsorbs odors. The AirSept cabin air filter removes pollen, bacteria, dirt, soot and other airborne contaminants from outside air.

Where to buy the AirSept Cabin Air Filter

AirSept makes several other “problem solver” products for Pros and DIYer to fix AC and HVAC problems. Check out these cool products:

AirSept Block off kit

Use it to block off leaking or damaged rear evaporator Rear ac block off kitcoils on SUVs and minivans. A block off kit is the perfect low cost solution to keep your front AC evaporator coil pumping out cold air after the rear unit has failed and where replacing the rear unit is cost prohibitive or simply impracticable given the age and condition of the vehicle.

AirSept in-line AC filter

Add this nifty filter to a high side metal line after a compressor failure to capture any left over metal shavings are particulate matter that’s still in the system after a complete flush.

AirSept PERMATUBE™ Radiator Overflow Tube Repair Kit

Don’t replace your entire radiator just because the overflow tube cracked or broke away from the radiator filler neck. The AirSept PERMATUBE kit includes a drill bit, stop and replacement overflow tube that allows you to repair your existing radiator in just about 15-minutes and at a fraction of the cost of a new radiator. 

The bendable cabin air filter is available from GM parts suppliers and from online and retail auto parts sellers with these GM, Dorman and retail part numbers. Prices vary but are generally around $35 to $30, which is slightly more than a rigid panel. But it’s really a bargain when you consider that you can now get a filter for your GM vehicle that doesn’t require any modification.

GM/AC Delco:

22759203:  Cabin Air Filter
23101674:  Cabin Air Filter with Carbon filled Media
22759208:  Cover Plate Only


259-000:  Cabin Air Filter
259-001:  Cabin Air Filter with Carbon Media
259-100:  Cover Plate only
259-200:  Cabin Air Filter with Cover Plate
259-201:  Cabin Air Filter Carbon Media with Cover Plate

It’s also available at retail auto parts store under these part numbers

90015:  Cabin Air Filter
90016:  Cabin Air Filter with Carbon Media
90017:  Cover Plate only
90018:  Cabin Air Filter with Cover Plate
90019:  Cabin Air Filter Carbon Media with Cover Plate


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