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Airbag light on Equinox, Terrain

Fix Airbag light on Equinox, Terrain

Diagnose and fix Airbag light on Equinox, Terrain

GM has issued a service bulletin #11-09-41-001 to address an Airbag light on Equinox, Terrain issue. In addition to the airbag light on, you may also find any of the following trouble codes: B0014 02,
B0014 04, B0014 0D, B0014 0E, B0021 02, B0021 04, B0021 0D or B0021 0E. The airbag light on condition can be duplicated by moving the front seat forward or backward or by bouncing on the seat cushion.

Cause of airbag light on condition

The airbag controller is called the Sensing Diagnostic Module (SDM) and it senses a change in resistance in the circuitry for the seat mounted side airbag. Any change in resistance will cause a trouble code to set. The change in resistance can be temporary or permanent. Even though a resistance related trouble code is set and the airbag light on, the airbags will still work in a crash.

GM fix for Airbag light on Equinox, Terrain

The GM service bulletin #11-09-41-001 has identified the source of the airbag light on problem and it’s in the driver’s side and passenger side airbag connectors. GM has issued a repair kit 20968489 and wiring harness retainer 19258316 to correct the problem.

Procedure for repairing Airbag light on Equinox, Terrain

• Disable the airbag system

• Remove the seat-to-floor mounting bolts and tilt the seat back to reach the connectors.

• Disconnect the yellow seat-to-body wiring harness connector

• Cut the wires as close to the connector as possible

• Use the crimp connectors and waterproof seals in the kit to install the new terminals and plastic connector. Solder the new terminals

airbag light on Equinox, Terrain

GM airbag connector repair kit 20968489

• Attach the new orange harness stabilizer to the harness

airbag light on

• Apply the dielectric lubricant to the terminals on both sides of the connections.

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