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Airbag light on — Grand Caravan

Why is my Airbag light on — Grand Caravan

If you own a Grand Caravan, Grand Voyager or T&C vac, with Airbag light on, read this.

Here’s another great idea brought to you from the 1st year engineering students who now design the Chrysler minivans. The airbag light on warning stays lit and won’t go out because the computer is looking for a specified weight in the seats. I guess that makes some sense since you don’t want an airbag blowing your kid through the rear window. I’m ok with their reasoning as far as that goes. But you’re not going to like the fix for this problem.

You have to take it to the dealer where they have a special set of weights that they place on the seats. Then they attach their scan tool and calibrate the computer to recognize the proper weight. Yup, can’t do it without the weights and the scan tool.

Chrysler calls this setup the occupant classification system. When it goes loopy, it sets a “Body Code” of B1BA6, B1BA7, B1BA8 or Occupant Classification Undetermined Status, System Verification Required.

Are we having fun yet?


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