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Altima No Crank No start

Fix an Altima that won’t start

Nissan Altima No Crank No start

Nissan has issued a technical service bulletin #NTB10-139 to address an Altima No Crank No start on the vehicles listed below. In these vehicles, the engine will not crank when pressing the push-ignition start button with your foot on the brake pedal. In the Hybrid model, you will not receive a READY MODE.

2007 – 2010 Altima Sedan (L32) with CVT only
2008 – 2010 Altima Coupe (CL32) with CVT only
2007 – 2010 Altima Hybrid (L32HV)

The PCM must see a brake pedal switch signal before it will allow the engine to start. Nissan has determined that the brake pedal switch may be the cause of the Altima no crank condition. Nissan has issued redesigned part sto remedy the Altima no crank problems.

The new parts supply the brake pedal switch with a low voltage low current which is then used to activate a relay to switch the higher voltage. Nissan did this because the full battery voltage was pitting the contacts in the factory brake pedal switch.

You will need the new switch and harness. The old and new switches are NOT interchangeable.

Harness #24167-ZX00J
Switch # 25320-JN00A

You have one other option and that is to replace the factory switch with an exact replacement. That will solve the problem without doing the harness conversion. HOWEVER< the new switch will fai

brake pedal harness 24167

New wiring harness 24167-ZX00J

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