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Are high performance spark plugs worth it?

Can a higher performance spark plugs actually increase power

No. If you compare new high-performance spark plugs to a high-quality new spark plug recommended by the carmaker, the high-performance spark plug will not produce any more power than the factory plug. None. Nadda.

High-performance spark plugs claims are bullshit

Ignition sparks always leap from a sharp center electrode edge to the sharpest edge of the ground electrode. Back when spark plug electrodes were made from nickel-plated copper it made a bit of sense to consider a higher performance spark plug simply because they maintained their sharp edges longer or had more of them. But with the availability of platinum, double platinum and iridium tipped electrodes, they make no sense whatsoever now.

High-performance spark plugs don’t produce any more horsepower than a noble metal plug in good condition.

Iridium is the way to go

When it comes to spark plugs and achieving maximum power, the key is proper spark plug gap, sharp edges on the electrodes, and maintaining the sharp edges and gap for as long as possible. That’s where a double-tipped iridium plug makes sense. Iridium has the highest melting point of all metals used in spark plugs, so they maintain a sharp edge over the longest period.

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