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Audi won’t start

Diagnose and fix Audi won’t start

Audi has issued a service bulletin # GROUP 97, NO. 18-60 (2036764/4) to address an Audi won’t start condition on the vehicles listed below. In addition to the no start condition, you may also find trouble code P068A00 and these other possible codes stored in the computer: P056200, P057100, P068700, P068A00, P162400, P190C00, U010000, U010100, U012100, U014600, U015500, U021200, U101100, U102600, U111100, U111300, U140000, VAG00003, VAG00185, VAG00263, VAG00317, VAG00384, VAG00446, VAG00456, VAG00457, VAG00466, VAG00473, VAG00532, VAG00565, VAG00591, VAG00714, VAG00819, VAG00955, VAG01217, VAG01299, VAG01314, VAG01315, VAG01317, VAG01320, VAG01330, VAG01331, VAG01332, VAG01334, VAG01333, VAG01336, VAG01705, VAG01964, VAG02067, VAG02072, VAG02095, VAG02103, VAG02203, VAG02214, VAG02635, VAG02812, VAG02874, VAG03041, VAG03157, VAG03166, VAG03220, VAG03278, and/or VAG03531.

Vehicles affected by service bulletin GROUP 97, NO. 18-60 (2036764/4)

A8 2011 – 2014 All VINs
A5 Cabriolet 2010 – 2014 All VINs
A6, A7 2012 – 2014 All VINs
A4, A5, Q5, Q7, and
TT 2009 – 2014 All VINs

Audi won’t start symptoms

The Audi service bulletin states that the root problem is the ECM power supply relay. Different models and years may have any of the following numbers printed on the problem relays: J271, J317, J329, or J757.

Start your diagnosis by confirming that P068A00 is stored in the ECM. If P068A00 is not stored in the ECM, it’s not the cause of your Audi won’t start problem and you can ignore this service bulletin.

Check a shop manual for the location of the ECM power supply relay. You may have to remove the ECM to get access to the relay. Once you locate the relay, look directly at the writing below the “645” printed on the relay.

If the relay was made by Tyco Electronics, it will have a and has a yellow label and you should replace the relay with the new model shown below. If the relay was made by Tyco Electronics and has a white label or was made by Hella and has a white label do not replace the relay.

Next, check for battery voltage on J271 relay harness terminals 1 (85 power) and 3 (30 power). If no voltage is found, do not proceed with this bulletin. Continue with the normal no start diagnosis.

If you find battery voltage, and with the ECM disconnected, check the wiring from J271 relay terminal 2 to the ECM. If voltage and wiring are good, replace the J271 relay. If voltage and wiring are not good, do not proceed with this bulletin.

Replace the bad relay

After replacing the J271 relay with new part # 4H0951253A Relay 1,


Updated VW engine control module relay 4H0951253A

reinstall the ECM and confirm that the vehicle can be started. If the Audi won’t start, continue with the normal no start diagnosis.

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