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Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Maintenance

How to do DIY Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Maintenance 2011-2014 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid DIY Maintenance Service The 2011-2014 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid contains a 12-volt battery is located in the trunk on the passenger side. You must remove a cover to access it. The 12-volt battery provides power to all of the standard electronics. If the 12-volt battery is disconnected or dead, the hybrid portion of the system can’t function. Start by removing the key fob Remove the proximity key from the vehicle when servicing the vehicle. Keep the key a minimum … Read More

Tire antenna tread — tire grounding strip

Tire antenna tread is a grounding strip to dissipate static charge Tire makers have modified the rubber compounds in their tires to decrease rolling resistance and increase traction. To accomplish that they’ve added silica and reduced carbon black. However, that has caused some problems with static electricity buildup in the vehicle. In the past, carbon black in tires helped dissipate static charge. With the reduction in the use of carbon black, customers started to complain about static shock when moving in and out of the vehicle. Tire makes add a … Read More

Red spark plug electrode and insulator

Red spark plug electrode and insulator What causes a Red spark plug electrode and insulator? The most common cause of a red spark plug electrode and insulator is the use of an octane booster containing Methylcyclopentadienylmanganesetricarbonyl (MMT) in the fuel or iron oxide particles present in the fuel system. Octane booster causes red spark plug electrode and insulator discoloration If a fuel additive contains an iron component, it can cause red deposits on the insulator nose, center electrode, and side electrode. The iron coating is electrically conductive and can cause … Read More

Laminated safety glass in use on side windows

Carmakers now using laminated safety glass in  side windows In 2020 the Department of Transportation Ejection Mitigation mandate went into effect requiring carmakers to improve vehicle design to prevent the driver and passengers from being ejected in the event of a crash. In response, many carmakers are switching to laminated safety glass on side windows. Some carmakers started installing laminated safety glass in side windows and by 2018, almost a third of all new vehicles had laminated safety glass in side windows. Why safety glass in side windows? Until the … Read More

Black dots on windshield — Window frits

Black dots on windshield — What are they? The black dots on your windshield are called “frits.” Frits are applied at the windshield factory as a  black enamel band that is baked onto the edges of the glass. The solid black band gradually turns into a border of frit dots. Windshield black dots (frits) do four things 1) Help windshield adhesive bond to the glass 2) Protect the windshield adhesive damaging from UV rays 3) Help distribute glass temperature to prevent distortion 4) Provide a “3rd visor” for drivers   … Read More

Brake pad wear indicator — Brake pad squealer

Brake pad wear indicator — How does it work, where does it go? Brake pad wear indicators attach to the inboard pad on the leading edge; the edge that first contacts the rotor when moving forward. Its job is to contact the rotor and make a high pitched squeal once the friction material wears down to 2-3mm. How brake pad wear indicators work When the brake pad friction material wears down to about 2-3mm, the soft metal indicator contacts the rotor and makes a high pitch squealing sound How brake … Read More

Socket tool set universal joints that stay put

Universal joints that stay put Every time you add a universal joint to an extension, you know the socket is going to weigh it down, making it hard to fit onto the fastener. I saw this Titan Tools 3 Pc. Auto Flex Universal Joint at SEEMA Show 2022 and had a chance to try it. NOTE: Ricksfreeautorepairadvice receives a commission on any purchases made when using the link below. ©, 2022 Rick Muscoplat

Wrench organizer trays

Wrench organizer trays that really hold Wrench organizer trays from Ernst Manufacturing I found this neat Ernst Manufacturing wrench storage system at SEEMA 2022. Most wrench trays are designed for a particular wrench brand. But these wrench storage trays accept all brands. Just snap the wrench into place and it stays even if you carry the tray to your work site. Full assortment of wrench organizer tray sizes Ernst makes just about any size organizer to fit your wrench set and toolbox. Choose from trays that hold 4, 5, 6, … Read More

Great socket organizer system

Socket organizer system from Ernst Manufacturing I found this neat system at SEEMA 2022. Most socket rails are either spring clips or magnets. But the SocketBoss is different. Just twist the socket to lock it to the rail and untwist to remove the socket. They mount drive-end down. Buy the socket rails individually or in a set with a tray. To remove a rail from a tray, just push a button and it unlocks. Choose from Blue, Red or Yellow • 15 locking clips per rail • Move the clips … Read More

PM Filter Monitor — Particulate Matter Monitor

Particulate Matter  Filter Monitor — PM Monitor Used only on diesel engine the particulate matter (PM) filter removes particulate matter from the exhaust stream by filtration. The filter has a honeycomb structure similar to a catalyst substrate, but with the channels blocked at alternate ends. This forces the exhaust gas to flow through the walls between the channels, filtering the particulate matter out. The filters are self-cleaning by periodic modification of the exhaust gas concentration in order to burn off the trapped particles (oxidizing the particles to form CO2 and … Read More

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