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How much does a Brake fluid flush cost?

Brake fluid flush cost in time and materials Brake fluid flush costs range from $79 to $200 A brake fluid flush usually takes slightly less than an hour if all the bleeder fittings operate properly. However, it can take longer if the bleeder are rusted shut and the technician must use some gently”persuasion.” In a worse case scenario, the technician may have to drill out a stuck bleeder or even replace the entire brake caliper. What’s involved in a brake fluid flush and how does that relate to brake fluid … Read More

How long to recharge your car battery?

How long to recharge your car battery by idling versus driving? First, it’s never a good idea to recharge a dead battery by idling Your alternator is designed to top off your battery. It’s not designed to recharge a completely dead battery, especially at idle speed. Trying to recharge a completely dead battery by idling is a great way to overheat your alternator and kill it. Keep in mind that a battery charges costs around $70, while a replacement alternator costs around $500 to as much as $1,000 with installation. … Read More

Car battery venting

Battery venting Why battery venting is needed All car batteries can vent hydrogen gas under certain circumstances. When the battery is located under the hood, it simply vents the gas into the underhood compartment and normal air movement disperses it. But when the battery is located in a closed compartment inside the vehicle or in the trunk, it must be vented to the outside to prevent a buildup of potentially explosive gasses. How battery venting is done Vented batteries come with a port on each side of the top of … Read More

Adaptive memory — Retain while changing battery

Adaptive memory — What is adaptive memory Each engine control module (ECM), powertrain control module (PCM), electronic control module (ECU)  and transmission control module (TCM) and other accessory modules are loaded with factory programming during its initial build. As you drive the vehicle and the engine and transmission wear, the modules make adjustments to the factory programming to account for the wear. These adjustments are referred to as adaptive memory. The modifications are held in “volatile” memory chips, which means they require power to retain the data. If your battery … Read More

Engine Block Heater

Engine Block Heater — which one is best for you? What does a block heater do? Cold metal quenches the combustion process and reduces fuel vaporization making it harder to start your engine in extremely cold weather. Quenching and reduced vaporization affects carbureted engines far more than fuel injected engines.  However, some early fuel injected engine also have trouble starting in extremely cold weather. An engine heater warms the coolant and the block, which reduces quenching and aids in fuel vaporization and starting. Rick’s advice for the best block heater … Read More

Best Ice Scrape and Snowbrush

Top choices for Best Ice Scraper Snow brush Combos Rick’s favorite Ice Scraper Snow brush NOTE: I get a commission from Amazon if you order any of these products using the links below. 50″ MAXX-Force™ Crossover Snow broom $25.49 I like this curved combination ice scraper snow brush for several reasons. • The brush head rotates so you can use it like a traditional snow brush or as a broom • The curved tubular construction is expandable from 31″ to 50″ so you can move all the snow off your … Read More

Ignition coil replacement cost

Ignition coil replacement cost — Coil on plug What is the ignition coil replacement costs per coil? Ignition coil replacement cost varies depending on how many components must be removed to access the ignition coils. For example; to remove and replace an ignition coil on a 2010 Mazda CX-7 turbo engine, you must first remove the engine cover and the intercooler. The flat rate guide shows a time of about 45-mins. to remove those components and one coil. Once those components are removed however, the flat rate guide shows a … Read More

Clean a catalytic converter

Can you clean a catalytic converter? Clean a catalytic converter — will that fix a P0420 or P0430 code? Probably not. There are lots of articles and youtube videos showing you how to clean a catalytic converter. Some tell you to bath it in water and laundry detergent and degreaser, while others tell you to dump a catalytic converter cleaner in your gas tank. Whether those methods work will depend on the condition of your catalytic converter. What causes catalytic converter failure? Catalytic converter poisoning The exhaust must be able … Read More

Automatic Emergency Braking — Autonomous Emergency Braking

Automatic Emergency Braking — Autonomous Emergency Braking Automatic Emergency Braking detects potential collisions with a vehicle ahead, provides forward collision warning and automatically brakes to avoid a collision or lessen the severity of impact. Some systems also detect pedestrians or other objects. How Automatic Emergency Braking works Some AEB systems use radar sensors mounted within the front grille, bumper, or air vents. Others rely on cameras, which are usually installed inside the windshield behind the rearview mirror area. Some use both. Whatever the detection method, the system’s software accumulates the … Read More

Rear Cross Traf­fic Warning

Rear Cross Traf­fic Warning Rear Cross Traffic Warning systems are integrated into the vehicle’s sideview mirrors or backup camera to detect vehicles or pedestrians that are approaching from the side at the rear of the vehicle while in reverse gear. The system  alerts the driver so they can stop or take evasive action to avoid hitting cross traffic or persons while backing. ©, 2021 Rick Muscoplat

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