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B001A Chevrolet Impala

Diagnose and fix B001A on Chevrolet Impala

GM has issued a service bulletin 17-NA-270 to address a B001A trouble code on all 2006 – 2016 Chevrolet Impalas. B001A is a Driver Seat Belt Pretensioner Deployment Loop 2 trouble code. GM has determined that the problem may be caused by a pinched seat belt retractor wiring harness. It appears that the seat belt retractor wiring harness can get pinched in the seat frame adjuster mechanism, especially when the seat is in the lowest position.

Fix for B001A Chevrolet Impala

Locate the wiring harness under the driver’s seat and inspect B001Athe pretensioner harness for any signs of chaffing or broken wires. If the harness shows no signs of contact, this bulletin doesn’t apply. If you do see signs of contact with the seat frame, here’s what GM recommends:

Remove the drivers seat and repair any broken or chaffed wires. Secure the repair by wrapping it with woven polyester electrical Tape (PET) using a double layer along all possible contact points.

Use a nylon tie strap to secure the harness to the seat adjuster mechanism and reinstall the seat. Check for wiring harness clearance.

Clear the trouble code and test drive the vehicle

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