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B1448 Airbag light on Hyundai Accent

Diagnose and fix B1448 airbag light on Hyundai Accent

If you have an airbag light on Hyundai Accent issue, the first step is to get the trouble codes read. It is impossible to troubleshoot and airbag system without the trouble code. Trouble code B1448 is a common airbag trouble code on Hyundai Accent vehicles.

What is a B1448 trouble code?

Codes B1447 and B1448 are related to the Occupant Classification System (OCS). The OCS is used to determine whether a child or an adult is in the passenger seat. The OCS works with a sensor mat inserted under the seat padding to detect weight. If the sensor mat isn’t working properly, trouble codes B1447 and B1448 can set and turn on the Airbag warning light

Diagnose airbag light on Hyundai Accent

Start by disconnecting the battery terminal from your car battery. Wait for at least 3 minutes for the airbag system to power down. Clear everything from the under the passenger seat. If items under the seat were touching any of the connectors or the bottom of the seat cushion, they could be the cause of the trouble code. Remvoe them and test again to see if the code is gone.

If the code is still there. unplug the six terminal connector going to the sensor mat under the passenger seat. Reconnect the battery.

Test the OCS sensor mat

With the key in the RUN position check for battery voltage on terminal 1

image of OCS sensor mat

OCS sensor mat

(red/black wire) and ground terminals 3 & 5 (black wires). Next, check the voltage at terminal 2 in the connector (red/black) wire. The reading should be 0 volts or up to 10-volts, but it should NOT be battery voltage. If it is battery voltage, the SRS module is bad. If you get the expected readings, the sensor mat is bad.

Hyundai service bulletin 17-BE-002-1

Hyundai has issued a service bulletin to address a faulty OCS sensor mat on 2006-2011 Hyundai Accent vehicles. Hyundai is extending the warranty on this component for 15 years with unlimited mileage. Hyundai also refers to the OCS sensor mat as an electric field sensor.

Before replacing the sensor, be aware that if these items are left on the passenger seat or in the seatback pocket, they can cause a false airbag code B1447

• Cellular phones • Laptop Computers • Inverters • DVD Players • Radio Transmitters • GPS Navigation systems • Satellite Radio Systems

Liquid spills on the seat cushion can also cause a false B1447 code.

Verify that the seat cushion fabric and foam are dry before replacing the OCS mat.

Verify that nearby electronic devices are turned off before replacing the OCS mat

Replace OCS mat

1)       Disconnect negative battery cable.
2)       Remove the four bolts holding the seat track to floor
3)       Remove the harness attachment and 3 yellow wiring connectors under the seat. Then remove the seat assembly.
4)       Remove 4 bolts from the seat frame.
5)       Undo the 2 bottom plastic hooks
6)       Remove the airbag wiring harness attachment connectors from the seat bottom and seat frame
7)       Remove the seat cushion and the four “J” hooks
8)       Separate the plastic tabs from the seat cushion
9)       Pull the seat cover back and remove 14 hog rings. Leave the two rear outer hog rings in place.
10)   Remove the OCS mat and wiring harness
11)   Remove the replacement mat cover and the protective strip from the adhesive
12)   Place the replacement mat on top of the seat foam, making sure it will not interfere with the new hog rings when they are installed. Route the body harness
13)   Install 6 new hog rings to secure the seat cover.
14)   Reverse the disassembly procedure to complete the installation.

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