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Backup sensors — Ford

Fix a Backup sensor on a Ford

Certain Ford vehicles were equipped with backup sensors (proximity sensors) that detect objects within 6’ of the vehicle and within 18” on either side of the bumper. When those conditions occur, the system sets off an audible warning.

If you’re having a problem with the system accidentally setting off the audible alarm, Ford wants you to check for a blocked or contaminated backup sensor surface. Ford informs us that there is a gap between the backup sensor membrane and the plastic housing and that gap must remain clear. Any contamination in this space can result in a continuous or intermittent tone. Ford recommends cleaning with a high pressure spray.

In addition to a sensor blocked with debris, Ford also notes that very wet weather conditions, such as mist, frost, or snow may result in erroneous warnings. Also, external ultrasonic noise may set off the system and this is considered normal.

If you have any body work done on vehicles with these systems, make sure you or the body shop properly masks off the sensors to prevent contamination.


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