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BAS, What is a brake assist system?

How does a BAS brake assist system work?

Carmakers install BAS Brake Assist System to help stop your

BAS, Brake Assist System warning light

BAS, Brake Assist System warning light

vehicles in a more controlled way during emergency braking maneuvers. The systems vary by car maker but usually incorporate the data from these sensors:

• Wheel Speed Sensors (WSS) one at each wheel
• Yaw rate sensor and a lateral accelerometer.
• Steering Angle Sensor (SAS)
• Brake Pressure Sensor

During emergency braking the system reacts to rapid braking, sensing the rate of deceleration and the condition of the yaw and lateral accelerometers, wheel speed sensors, steering angle sensor, and brake pressure sensor. Based on those inputs the BAS system calculates the optimum braking effect for each wheel to shorten the stopping distance while keeping the vehicle in stable conditions. The BAS system works in conjunction with the ABS system, but usually only kicks in when you apply the brakes very quickly.

What does a BAS light mean?

When any one of the sensors listed above provides incorrect information, the ABS, traction control and BAS systems can’t function properly. At that point, the systems set a trouble code and turn on the BAS, TCS, and ABS warning lights. The brake will still operate, but the vehicle will no longer have ABS, BAS or traction control functionality.

How to reset a BAS light?

Scan the computer for trouble codes to determine what set the warning light. Repair the problem. Then clear the code.

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