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Battery dead in morning – Chrylser products

Why is my battery dead in the morning – Chrylser products

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Chrysler has issued a technical service bulletin (TSB) 08-003-08 too address No start, slow cranking, hard start, dead battery, dead battery in morning, battery dies problems on the following vehicles:

2008 Durango
2008 Aspen
2008 Sebring/Avenger
2008 Wrangler
2008 Nitro
2008 Liberty
2008 300/Magnum/Charger
2008 Dakota
2008 Town & Country/Grand Caravan/Grand
2008 Grand Cherokee
2008 Commander

Chrysler has isolated one possible reason for battery drain in these vehicles. The radio in these vehicles may not power down properly, causing the data communications buss to remain in the “awake” condition, which prevents that feature from turning off and going into a sleep mode. The continuous power draw drains the battery.

To confirm that the radio is the cause, enter the vehicle and close the windows and doors. Wait 30-40 seconds. Inspect the radio backlight. You’re looking for backlight flicker that occurs every 20 seconds. If you notice the flicker, proceed with the repair. If not, the radio is not the cause of the battery drain and you must pursue other possibilities.

To fix the problem, you must replace the radio. Return the old radio to the dealer and obtain an update replacement radio

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