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Battery Insulator – Put it back after replacing battery

What is that thing on my car battery? It’s a battery insulator and you must reinstall it on the new battery

If you think cold weather is hard on your battery, think again. Heat kills more far more batteries than any Arctic freeze. That’s why car makers install a battery insulator. It doesn’t get anyBattery insulator, car battery, dead battery hotter than under the hood of an engine compartment packed with a V-6 and all the accessories. With little room for air to circulate, car makers have been forced to add battery insulating jackets around the battery to help it keep its cool. Your battery is especially vulnerable AFTER you’ve shut the engine off. That’s when all the heat rises to the top of the hood. The hood is insulated to cut down on noise. The downside to all that insulation is that it keeps the heat in and bakes your battery. If you’ve changed your battery and tossed the battery insulator, get on down to the auto parts store for a new one before your battery is toast


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