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Battery Saver Active Message on GM vehicles

Battery Saver Active Message on GM vehicles

Diagnose and fix a Battery Saver Active Message on GM vehicles

GM service bulletin addresses Battery Saver Active Message on GM vehicles

GM has issued a service bulletin #PIT4918 to address a Battery Saver Active message on 2010 Cheverolet Equinox vehicles.

Start your diagnostics by checking for trouble codes. If you find a B1517 code, this bulletin applies. GM states that the problem may be caused by an open condition in circuit  #50 in the charging system.

Most common causes of B1517 and Battery Saver Active message

GM has discovered that poor connections at the battery or in the X121 connector, or the connector itself is unplugged. You’re looking for a single black wire that runs from the negative battery terminal to the body control module (BCM).

Start by checking the black wire connection at the negative battery terminal. Next, check

The X121 connector is located on the front of

X121 connector

X121 connector

the engine. The X121 is a two terminal connector with only 1 wire in the connector.

Make sure the connector is securely fastened. If so, open the connector and check for terminal contact and check for corrosion.

If everything looks good, conduct a continuity check from the battery to the X121 connector and from the X121 connector to the BCM.

Shops are finding bad connections at the battery negative terminal, in the X121 connector and opens between the X121 connector and the BCM.

Fix any opens or poor connections and then clear the trouble code

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