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Bendix brake pads and rotors

Bendix brake pads and rotors

Bendix brake pads and rotors are made by MAT Friction Group, a division of MAT Auto Group. MAT Holding group is a global leader in automotive braking, transmission and suspension products for OEM/OE/OES and the aftermarket.

MAT Holdings, Inc. is a privately held company, manufacturing and selling products in the automotive, fencing, hardware, and power equipment sectors, with approximately $1.4B in annual revenue.

In addition to Bendix brake products, MAT Holdings also produces Gabriel ride suspension products as well as Powermate®, PROFORCE®, Industrial Air®, Southland® and Powermate® Outdoor Fencing, Lawn & Garden products.

MAT Auto Group maintains multiple technical centers of excellence around the globe to support product development with OEM customers such as General Motors, Ford, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover, Volkswagen, Nissan, TRW, Continental Teves, Bosch, WABCO, and Knorr-Bremse among others. In addition MAT Auto Group supplies high performance OEM products to auto racing companies AP Racing, Brembo, Hi Spec Motorsport, and Maxx Autosport.

Bendix Priority 1 Ultra Premium Brake Pads

Bendix Priority 1 brake pads100% Copper-Free*
• 4-Layer Noise-Eliminating Shim
• Includes Hardware (Where Applicable)
• Bendix Copper-Free* Brake Pads Outperform OE and Competitors’ Brake Pads That Contain Copper**

Bendix Premium Brake Pads

• Available in Ceramic or Semi-Metallic Formulas Bendix premium brake pads
• Designed to OE Standards
• Multi-Layer Shims
• Burnishing Strips (Where Available)
• Hardware Included (Where Applicable)

Bendix Fleet MetLok Brake Pads

Bendix Fleet MetLok brake pads are designed for Bendix metlock padsapplications such as towing, heavy hauling and frequent stopping. The line also offers comprehensive coverage for pursuit vehicles delivering excellent performance and noise-free operation.

Bendix PRIORITY 1 Brake Rotor

• Surface-Lok coating is heat resistant and extends Bendix Priority 1 rotorsfriction and rotor life by limiting corrosion build-up.
• Quiet braking with ultra-smooth pad-to-rotor contact improving pedal response for safe driving in all conditions.

Bendix Premium Brake Rotors and Drums

• OEM Style Vane Configurations
• Tested for Balance, Ensuring Safe Operation
• Edge Coded with the Proper Discard Thickness Bendix premium rotorsWhich Identifies When the Rotor has Reached the End of Its Useful Life

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