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Best mechanics creeper

Comfortable mechanics creeper

Converts from a mechanics creeper to a mechanic’s seat Most DIY mechanics don’t own a lift. So you have to use a floor jack, jack stands and a mechanic’s creeper to work under your car. But most mechanicss creepers are thin as a board so they’re hard on your back. And, their tiny wheels get stuck in cracks in your garage floor. Not these models Omega! Omega makes three creepers that are perfect for the DIYers. The Omega 91000 mechanic’s creeper

best mechanics creeper

Omega 91000 mechanics creeper

is convertible from a standard creeper to a mechanics roll around chair. Just pull the release pin and lift up on one end and you’ve got a roll-around seat that’s the perfect height for brake jobs.

best creeper

Omega 91000 converted into a mechanics roll around seat

The padding is extra thick and the wheels are extra (3-in. polyurethane wheels) so it rolls smoothly and doesn’t get stuck as easily. Or, take a look at the Omega 91452 creeper.

mechanics creeper

Omega 91452 3-position creeper converts from creeper to seat to low profile chair

It does everything the 91000 unit does but also converts into a seat that’s much lower to the ground, making it perfect for doing body work on lower portions of fenders. The 91000 and 91452 mechanics creepers are a bit higher off the ground than other creepers, so you’ll have to raise the vehicle an extra few inches. Or, you can buy Omega’s 91400 mechanic’s creeper. They installed the wheels on outriggers to lower the height.

low clearance mechanics creeper

Omega 91400 low profile creeper keeps you low to the ground

If you’re flush with bucks, take a look at The Bone mechanic’s creeper. It’s built to fit your body, making for a much more comfortable time on your back.

The bone creeper

Many pro mechanics choose The Bone because it’s so comfortable

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