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Best Oil Filter for GM vehicles

Oil Filter for GM vehicles – WARNING

GM has issued a technical service bulletin 17-NA-157 to address an issue with proper oil filter for GM vehicles on the vehicles listed below. GM warns that using the correct oil filter for GM vehicles is CRITICAL. Use of the wrong filter can cause rapid engine wear.

Vehicles affected by service bulletin 17-NA-157

2012-17 All Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC Passenger  Cars and Trucks with engines LV7, LFV, LE2, LEA, LCV, LKW, LTG, LGX, LGW, L86, L83, L8B, LT4, LT1, LV3, LV1

PF48 and PF48E oil filters may fit but will cause engine damage

GM has designed the engines listed above to much tighter tolerances. They use two-stage oil pumps to provide high-flow lubrication during cold starts. The newer engine oil lubrication systems have higher oil pressure to force oil through the smaller passages.

Starting with the 2012 model year, the new oil pumps regulate oil pressure based on main gallery feedback instead of just pump out pressure. This mean the oil pump doesn’t start regulating oil pressure until pressure builds in the main gallery. The design reduces the amount of time it takes provide proper oil pressure and flow to engine bearings and lifters during cold start conditions. These engines require ACDelco oil filters PF-63 or PF-63E

What happens if you use the wrong oil filter for GM vehicles

The oil filters required for these new lubrication systems have a different oil bypass rating. For example, if you install an oil filter that looks the same but has an internal bypass valve that goes into bypass mode at pressures of 15-psi or less, it will circulate dirty oil throughout the engine, causing accelerated wear to engine bearings and other tight tolerance areas.

Shops and DIYers are using the wrong Oil Filter for GM vehicles

Oil filters PF64 and PF63 look just like ACDelco PF48 and PF48E. The PF64 and PF63 have the same can size, but they are NOT INTERCHANGABLE. Using a PF48 or PF48E oil filter in an application that requires PF64 or PF63 will result in severe engine damage.

oil filter for gm vehicles

AC Delco PF64 and PF48

Oil bypass valve pressures

PF-48 and PF-48E bypass valve pressure= 12-psi

PF-63 and PF-63E bypass valve pressure= 22-psi

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