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Best Oil Filter Wrenches Rick’s Favorites

What’s the best Oil Filter Wrench

Here are Rick’s Favorites

I’ve used all kinds of Oil Filter Wrenches and most of them disappoint. The cap filter wrenches never seem to fit the brand of filter on the vehicle. The number of flutes on a filter are NOT standard between brands. So cap filters are OUT! Next are the band wrenches. They’re cheap and they work, but only if you have room to maneuver. If you’re going to use a band-type wrench, buy one of the newer Swivel-Gripper styles from Lisle tools shown below. They have a permanent grip welded to the inside of the band so they grip the filter better.

My favorite Oil Filter Wrenches however, are the Lisle expanding wrenches shown below. Slip it over the end of the filter and attach a ratchet or a 3/8″ extension and turn. It works every time in every location. Period. It comes in two sizes–import and domestic.


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