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Blower fuse blows on Hondas

Blower fuse blows on Hondas

If you have a burned out blower fuse on a Honda, this might be the problem.

Original equipment blower motors usually include a rubber hose mounted to the bottom of the motor. The hose is open to the atmosphere and is used to allow fresh air into the motor to cool it. A TSB has been issued for the Honda models/years listed below, where blower motor fuses may be burning out and good motors are being replaced simply because the cooling hose is blocked. Before you condemn a blower motor in these models, check to make sure the coolant hose is not blocked by leaves, spider webs, or any other debris.

1990-94 Accord, 1992-04 Honda Civic, 1997-04 CRV, 2003 Element, 2000-04 Insight, 1995-04 Odyssey, 1996-02 Passport, 2003-04 Pilot, 1997-01 Prelude, and 2000-04 S2000.


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