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blowing debris out of HVAC vents – Ford

Debris blowing out of A/C system on Ford

It’s not snow coming out of your vents—it’s excess brazing flux from the evaporator core.  You’ll need to vacuum out the vent system to get rid of it all.  Remove the floor duct trim.  Attach a shop vacuum hose to the driver’s-side floor duct and seal it off with masking tape.  Then, seal off every dash vent with tape.  Turn the mode lever to Floor/Panel and the temp to cold and insert a compressed air hose into one of the vents.  Turn on the vacuum cleaner and blow compressed air into the vent for at least 30 seconds.  Perform this procedure at each vent.  Next, move the mode lever to Floor/Defrost and insert the air hose into the defrost vents.  Remove the blower motor and repeat the procedure from that location.  Vehicles that have the problem:  2005-05 Expedition, F-150, Lincoln Navigator, 2002-05 Crown Vic, Mercury Grand Marquis, and 2005 Focus.


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