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Brake assist

Brake assist — What is it?

Brake assist (BA) is like an extra set of eyes watching the road to make sure you’re braking when the situation calls for it. BA is part of the Advanced Driver Assistance (ADAS) system in your vehicle. ADAS uses various technologies like radar, ultriasonic, laser/radar (Li-dar), cameras and artificial intelligence to recognize dangerous situation and apply safety system to reduce accidents and injury.

How brake assist works

Using the vehicle’s accelerometer, radar and ultrasonic sensors, the brake assist software deters when the driver is braking and if that braking is being applied hard enough or fast enough to avoid an impact. If the system determines the driver is not acting quickly enough, it braking assist will add more braking power to prevent an impact and stop the vehicle safely, including the application of the anti-lock braking system (ABS).

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